Thursday, 30 June 2011

Be Inspired.

When pretty floral dresses are seen with pixie ankle boots and when mini skirts are worn with doc martens combat boots, you know times have changed and new age has come. What was deemed impossible, is now possible. What was seen as inappropriate, is actually now regarded as trendy.

Therefore, whoever said 6" platform pumps "has" to be worn with a pretty dress?

Here's my outfit inspiration for the day - what I would wear if I was a rich celebrity (Vic Beckham's style) on my day off going to meet the girls for lunch/day out and was spotted by the paparazzi.
Beautiful classic chic with some colour blocking accessories!

Top L-R: Charlotte Olympia pumps, Alexander Wang white shirt, Tiffany and co. ATLAS watch
Bottom L-R: Mulberry Alexa bag in green, Claudia Lobao Goldtone Druzy and Wood ring, Alexander Wang cropped boyfriend's jeans

Sigh. One can only wish....

1 comment:

  1. Nice picks! Great look.



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