Wednesday, 27 July 2011

arrivederci sydney!

Traveling in style, off to New Zealand for a few days with the boyfriend - next post will be coming Monday so don't miss me too much! ;)

Like all holidays, I'm determined to discover unique clothing items and yummy restaurants!


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Meet Mr. Siriano

Source: Christian Siriano Spring + Fall RTW 2011 collection

The beauty behind reality television is that it allows you, as a viewer, to grow and learn with its contestants. It enables you to vicariously take part in the journey where you'll learn to laugh, cry, love and hate - turn you into a soppy cry baby, really.
Favouritism also plays a huge part where you'll find yourself so irrevocably consumed with the show that if your "favourite" fails or your least favourite succeeds, then you'll go completely mental - personal experience here guys, history of broken remotes and angry rants...

I am an avid fan of reality television! Not so much the likes of Jersey Shore and whatnot, but more so "talent" reality shows such as American Idol, America/Australia's Next Top Model, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance (American) are just to name a few!

Project Runway season 4 marks a memorable season as the winner, Christian Siriano, was my chosen favourite from the get-go! His remarkable talent coupled with his insatiable passion for the world of fashion deemed him the clear winner. I am extremely glad I was there for his Project Runway journey and witnessing his continual success as he creates amazing runway collections, season after season.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Autumn kisses, Winter tears...

Those residing in Sydney Australia would've experienced a dreadful Winter week - cold, wet and miserable!

I personally don't mind the cold, I especially love Winter/Fall fashion best and it's depressing to know that Winter is coming to a close when I've only worn half of my 2011 Winter staple :(

Also, Winter has some of its advantages in food as well, there are certain things you can and should only eat in Winter! Amongst the favourites, hot pot remains one of the most popular to indulge in Winter.

Last night, I caught up with a few girl friends over Sichuan hot pot. For those who are familiar with Sichuan would know and understand that the Sichuan locals love their food...HOT! Of course there are alternative non-spicy options, however, why not go all out and enjoy the best of the best?

Sichuan hot pot pros and cons;
  • Yummy
  • Cheap
  • Lots of options to choose from - vegetables, meat and seafood
  • The dipping sauce (well my own recipe) is amazing
  • Great communal dining experience = more interaction
  • The the toilet
  • Tummy pains, especially if you're brave and chose the extra hot alternative, aghhh the burning sensation 

good friend Adeline from

Wearing; Cue pants, Zomp tan leather shoes, Vintage shirt, Aldo zip clutch, Asos belt

Adidas watch, Aldo zip clutch, Asos cuff

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

On Trend : LACE

I've always loved lace - dresses, tops and even now shorts!!! So glad that this is one trend that will be sticking around forever. Forget the typical black lace top, thanks to Issa and Erdem who've paved the way to a much brighter, lacier future!!!

Amazing Jason Wu halter black lace top

Issa yellow lace one-shoulder dress

Issa red lace strapless bustier dress

Issa hot pink lace halter neck dress

Nina Ricci lace top

Opening Ceremony cropped lace top

Phillip Lim black lace top

The Row black sheer lace shirt

 The famous Erdem Red Lace dress - check out my cheaper version of the Erdem inspired dress here:

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Don't Patent-tronise me!

For some odd reason I always tend to purchase suede shoes. Being the lazy person that I am, I tend to always damage them because I fail to waterproof and as a result have to either replace the pair (if I really like the style) or just throw it out.

Of late, well not really, I've always appreciated patent shoes, especially classic patent pumps. However, more so recently, designers such as YSL are producing more lust-worthy patents heels that are to die for!

Here are some great patent eye candy:

The Louboutin Pigalle - my next purchase in black! Probably one of the nicest classic pumps I've seen

Giuseppe Zanotti

Miu Miu


Sergio Rossi
Stella McCartney



Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cheap Thrills

Laos food, in my opinion, would be one of the most understated yet beautiful cuisine...ever. For some odd reason, although I know that majority of people (even Asians) have not had the chance to taste this awesome cuisine, I am still rather shocked when I actually hear people say...."never had Laos before"...-_-"
Seriously, get out of that hole and go try for yourself!!!

It's true what they say, it's all about location, location, location! One of the main factor contributing to the unpopularity of Laos food is its LOCATION! If you're not residing in the Western suburbs of Sydney then you would probably never heard of Laos (the country) before let alone it's food! I'd advise you to get in your car and take a drive down to Fairfield, Canley Vale, Cabramatta etc and try for yourself. Step out of the usual Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese (well no, still the best cuisine hands down) and try this unique and interesting cuisine where each dish is bursting with wonderful flavours. I would advise you not to ask for "hot" when the waiter asks you "would you like it hot or mild" because when it's hot, it's very hot!!!


Chicken feet salad

Laos sausages

deep fried quail

Ox tongue

Laos fish cakes - so much better than Thai!


fried lychee ice cream   

Lovely friends xx
I'm wearing; Skinny cigarette jeans in terracotta, vintage flats, faux fur jacket, Asos clutch

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Autobot, Transform!

Inspired by the recent release of the latest blockbuster Transformers 3 (Dark of the Moon), I thought it would be fitting to relate some of my current outfit/clothing desires to the movie. From Balmain to Burberry Prorsum, here's some intergalactic eye candy!

ps- I am NOT going to post a full-on essay review on the movie as I've gotten myself into one too many debacle regarding this so I am pretty over it.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Nobody warned me about the responsibilities and duties involved in being a bridesmaid. I thought it was all glitz and glamour - free dress, free shoes, free makeover, free hairstyling sessions and so on - like woo hoo! Little did I know that by accepting to be a bridesmaid for someone, would require you to put in so much planning, commitment, dedication, effort and even money!

My sister's wedding is fast approaching and we still have so much preparation and planning to do - albeit, so little time! Thus far, the bridesmaids and I had planned and executed the best Kitchen Tea/ Bridal Shower party ever(according to us)! The kitchen tea was held on Sunday at the maid of honour's humble home (try saying that fast out loud) and what a success it was! All the guests complimented on the food and participated in the games!

Here's a summary of what went down:

My popular sangria :)

smoked salmon on cucumber

antipasto/ deli platter


dessert tower - profiterole, mini donuts and chocolate balls - I FAILED TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE STICKY DATE PUDDING :(

Fruit salad on a stick!

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto

Vietnamese prawn rice paper rolls

totally forgot what this was but i recall it being yummy he he!

Fried chicken wings

Bacon and cheese pastry puffs


Mrs Field Cookie Cake

Kitchen Tea presents!

Prizes for the games

1 of the 4 games played - "guess the spice" whilst blindfolded!!!

2/4 game played - create a wedding dress using toilet paper!

Finally, so what does the bride wear on such a casual yet special occasion? Red Zara shift dress over stockings and Marc Jacobs ballet flats (not pictured) and borrowed bib necklace (I'm sure you'll recognise it's mine) hehe

Next on our bridesmaid agenda - THE HENS!!!



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