Sunday, 24 July 2011

Autumn kisses, Winter tears...

Those residing in Sydney Australia would've experienced a dreadful Winter week - cold, wet and miserable!

I personally don't mind the cold, I especially love Winter/Fall fashion best and it's depressing to know that Winter is coming to a close when I've only worn half of my 2011 Winter staple :(

Also, Winter has some of its advantages in food as well, there are certain things you can and should only eat in Winter! Amongst the favourites, hot pot remains one of the most popular to indulge in Winter.

Last night, I caught up with a few girl friends over Sichuan hot pot. For those who are familiar with Sichuan would know and understand that the Sichuan locals love their food...HOT! Of course there are alternative non-spicy options, however, why not go all out and enjoy the best of the best?

Sichuan hot pot pros and cons;
  • Yummy
  • Cheap
  • Lots of options to choose from - vegetables, meat and seafood
  • The dipping sauce (well my own recipe) is amazing
  • Great communal dining experience = more interaction
  • The the toilet
  • Tummy pains, especially if you're brave and chose the extra hot alternative, aghhh the burning sensation 

good friend Adeline from

Wearing; Cue pants, Zomp tan leather shoes, Vintage shirt, Aldo zip clutch, Asos belt

Adidas watch, Aldo zip clutch, Asos cuff


  1. It was great fun!!!!!!!! (Besides the ring of fire after LOL)
    me want all ze photos outside the restaurantttttt :)

    ps: photos look goooooodieeeeeeee

  2. will upload photos on facebook later (tomorrow) so you'll get them then hehehe

    yeh thanks to the camera! Camera makes a huge difference to photo quality!! Can you imagine the quality on Eric's new camera, 10 x better than this!! OH AND PHOTO OF ME AND JURI WOULD LOOK A LOT BETTER IF YOU TOOK IT IN BETTER LIGHTING lol



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