Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Meet Mr. Siriano

Source: Christian Siriano Spring + Fall RTW 2011 collection

The beauty behind reality television is that it allows you, as a viewer, to grow and learn with its contestants. It enables you to vicariously take part in the journey where you'll learn to laugh, cry, love and hate - turn you into a soppy cry baby, really.
Favouritism also plays a huge part where you'll find yourself so irrevocably consumed with the show that if your "favourite" fails or your least favourite succeeds, then you'll go completely mental - personal experience here guys, history of broken remotes and angry rants...

I am an avid fan of reality television! Not so much the likes of Jersey Shore and whatnot, but more so "talent" reality shows such as American Idol, America/Australia's Next Top Model, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance (American) are just to name a few!

Project Runway season 4 marks a memorable season as the winner, Christian Siriano, was my chosen favourite from the get-go! His remarkable talent coupled with his insatiable passion for the world of fashion deemed him the clear winner. I am extremely glad I was there for his Project Runway journey and witnessing his continual success as he creates amazing runway collections, season after season.

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