Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Nobody warned me about the responsibilities and duties involved in being a bridesmaid. I thought it was all glitz and glamour - free dress, free shoes, free makeover, free hairstyling sessions and so on - like woo hoo! Little did I know that by accepting to be a bridesmaid for someone, would require you to put in so much planning, commitment, dedication, effort and even money!

My sister's wedding is fast approaching and we still have so much preparation and planning to do - albeit, so little time! Thus far, the bridesmaids and I had planned and executed the best Kitchen Tea/ Bridal Shower party ever(according to us)! The kitchen tea was held on Sunday at the maid of honour's humble home (try saying that fast out loud) and what a success it was! All the guests complimented on the food and participated in the games!

Here's a summary of what went down:

My popular sangria :)

smoked salmon on cucumber

antipasto/ deli platter


dessert tower - profiterole, mini donuts and chocolate balls - I FAILED TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE STICKY DATE PUDDING :(

Fruit salad on a stick!

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto

Vietnamese prawn rice paper rolls

totally forgot what this was but i recall it being yummy he he!

Fried chicken wings

Bacon and cheese pastry puffs


Mrs Field Cookie Cake

Kitchen Tea presents!

Prizes for the games

1 of the 4 games played - "guess the spice" whilst blindfolded!!!

2/4 game played - create a wedding dress using toilet paper!

Finally, so what does the bride wear on such a casual yet special occasion? Red Zara shift dress over stockings and Marc Jacobs ballet flats (not pictured) and borrowed bib necklace (I'm sure you'll recognise it's mine) hehe

Next on our bridesmaid agenda - THE HENS!!!


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