Wednesday, 19 September 2012

butterflies, sunshine and macarons

The following news should excite both foodies and fashionistas - the launched of Laduree, delivered straight from Paris!

Laduree is now available in Sydney (Westfield Sydney, near Mulberry). I'd give it a few more weeks for the hype to fritter away, otherwise, be prepared to line up for a good 30-45 minutes!

On another note, the boy lined up for just under an hour and surprised me with 2 Laduree boxes and my favourite candle scent from diptyque.

Oh, and the picture above was captured on Sunday - after a nice sunny brunch at Bill's. 


Monday, 10 September 2012

now stealing his tshirt.

Firstly, LOOK!!! I'm finally taking photos during the day and away from the car park! Okay, so not that far away - these were taken just outside the car park on the driveway =P

Secondly, considering the last post was on the topic of masculine chic, I thought I'd continue the trend here.

I recall one of the first-ever conversation I had with the boy was regarding "girls in white jeans/pants". To men, white is the epitome of sexy. I spent a great deal of time trying to fathom this statement. I finally get it.

There are two possible reasons:
1. White stands for purity - perhaps, men prefers uncharted territories.
2. White represents a mystery. Men wants to imagine what lies beneath (so this point is a little R rated).

...and in the words of Ryan Lochte himself, the second sexiest piece of clothing on a woman is white jeans! The first sexiest piece of clothing on a woman, according to Ryan, is in one of his button-down shirts - masculine chic!!!

Wearing; J Brand white jeans, topshop booties, Moschino belt, Boyfriend's vintage Led Zeppelin shirt, Colette white clutch and Lioness mustard blazer


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