Monday, 10 September 2012

now stealing his tshirt.

Firstly, LOOK!!! I'm finally taking photos during the day and away from the car park! Okay, so not that far away - these were taken just outside the car park on the driveway =P

Secondly, considering the last post was on the topic of masculine chic, I thought I'd continue the trend here.

I recall one of the first-ever conversation I had with the boy was regarding "girls in white jeans/pants". To men, white is the epitome of sexy. I spent a great deal of time trying to fathom this statement. I finally get it.

There are two possible reasons:
1. White stands for purity - perhaps, men prefers uncharted territories.
2. White represents a mystery. Men wants to imagine what lies beneath (so this point is a little R rated).

...and in the words of Ryan Lochte himself, the second sexiest piece of clothing on a woman is white jeans! The first sexiest piece of clothing on a woman, according to Ryan, is in one of his button-down shirts - masculine chic!!!

Wearing; J Brand white jeans, topshop booties, Moschino belt, Boyfriend's vintage Led Zeppelin shirt, Colette white clutch and Lioness mustard blazer


  1. I LOVE your blazer, stunning!

    My fiance has a strange obsession with white pants (and surprisingly, coloured jeans too!) but unfortunately for him, I won't be rocking white pants any time soon. I am horribly clumsy and always spill coffee, food etc - they wouldn't stay white for long!

  2. This is just too cute!! :) I steal my boy's stuff all the time and about to do a new collection of unisex stuff made for everyone! Also... love a little Led Zep, being a muso xx

    ♥ Morgan
    gypsy.rock.n.roll @ MojoMade



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