Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Denim Jacket.

It's back! Balmain resurrected it in 2009 and now celebrities and stylistas are embracing it.

A denim jacket is probably one of the hardest clothing item to "pull off" as the stigma of denim on denim continues to exist. Although controversially accepted in most fashion scenes, it is not always easy to put into practice.

So what can you wear with a denim jacket? As demonstrated in the following images - plenty! Have fun and play around because this is the one carefree, celebrity-on-their-day-off-esque look you'd want!

yours truly wearing Cheap Monday denim jacket over a Mink Pink black see-through slip

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Move like Jagger.

Guilty as charged, I'm a slacker when it comes to posting about my personal life. It's a little contradicting when my profile summary claims that all you will be seeing on this blog would be "see what she wears, see what she eats"....i.e my culinary food adventures and personal style snaps!


I think I post more about restaurant and trend reviews than my own style snaps so I thought I'd share a few things I did over the last couple of weeks with you - what I did, what I wore and what I ate.

Enjoy xo

Chat Thai dinner @ Capitol Square
haha being silly at Karaoke! Wearing; Shakuhachi silk orange top, Chanel Jumbo in Caviar, Samantha Wills necklace
Wearing; Ruby Boutique Cape, H&M cropped pants

Wearing; Louis Vuitton Eva bag, Gripp shoulder padded dress worn as a top, Yellow Showpony Fashion yellow skirt, feathered accessories
Wearing; hot pink Zara cropped pants, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Asos black cow-neck top, Aldo clutch

Yummy Pizza @ GPO, Martin Place Sydney
Amazing halloumi cheese @ Meat and Wine co.
Pork ribs @ meat and wine co.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

no ordinary love.

So, I know that there are about 10000000000 (x10000) other blog entries circulating around the world on the www dot about this fabulous woman, however, I need to share my undying love and respect for this wonderful female.

Her name is Miroslava Duma, Russian born IT girl, ex Harpers Bazaar editor, current freelance fashion writer and one of most stylish female to have ever graced the fashion scene from all around the world. 

What differentiates her from the other "IT" fashionistas is the fact that although a lot of her outfits appears to be extremely complicated and "put together", she carries them so...well, effortlessly.

When asked the question; "who's your style icon"? I usually don't have a single definite answer. I admire certain style or more so, "outfits" from different celebrities. Nonetheless, Miroslava, I practically drool all over my keyboard (gross, I know) every time I see a new pic of her!

Sigh...I can't even fathom the thought of just pulling off one of her amazing outfits, however, a girl can only dream...


Monday, 15 August 2011

Westfield Sydney

For most of us shopaholics, going overseas and shopping online is our only way of "keeping up with the trend". Australia is labelled "down under" for a reason - we are so separated from the rest of the world that it is reflected in our inability to keep up with the trends and thus always seem to be a few seasons behind. 

But then, a miracle happened. This miracle is Westfield Sydney. Located on the bustling shopping strip of Pitt St Mall (Sydney), the opening of Westfield Sydney saw Australia's first Zara, Sydney's first Miu Miu, Mulberry and Louboutin. It was ah-may-zing!!! We are finally in the zone.

But wait, there's more!

Forget the typical fast food that is generally found on the food court level of your local Westfield. Located on level 5 of Westfield Sydney are some of the most amazing gourmet food I've ever tasted. Foodcourt price, fine dining quality - why not?

It appears that all food outlets (or mini chain of restaurants) located on this level own a restaurant in Sydney. Take the likes of Justin North's brainchild, Becasse followed by the popular dumpling house, Din Tai Fung - this food court is like heaven on Earth!

Also, not to be bias, but I am so proud and extremely ecstatic to find the popular Vietnamese food chain, "Wrap and Roll" on this level as well! I saw this restaurant everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City and now it's finally here, a taste of authentic Vietnamese rice paper rolls! Woot Woot!

Becasse Patisserie

Malaysian restaurant Sassy's
Ragu Pasta and Wine Bar - Italian
Din Tai Fung
Wrap and Roll
yummy wrap and roll, rolls *drool*

Din Tai Fung's open kitchen!
Charlie and Co. Burgers

Some of the hot dogs you can get at Snag Stand

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Australia's Next Top Model

Finally, a new season of one of my favourite show is upon us and so far so good! Australian girls are natural beauties and I can already see some raw potentials in their styling and fashion demeanours!

The top 30
Some of the top 20 Finalist
As part of their challenge, they had to walk the runway in amazing Alex Perry gowns

One of my top pics - Caroline, also a top 20 finalist
The judges - Charlotte, Sarah and Alex. Not really a fan of the photographer

Another one of my top pics, Montanna - also a top 20 finalists :)

I have a feeling it's going to be a great season! Let's just hope Sarah Murdoch brushed up on her hosting skills and save herself from repeating last year's national blunder ;)

***Photos are courtesy of Fox8 website*** 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mastercry Australia aka Masterchef

2011 finalists, Kate and Michael
Tonight marks the finale of Masterchef Australia, the end of another successful (contestable) season. Despite my many angry rants (tweets) and linguistic frustration towards the show, I can't help but watch it.

I guess (relating back to my earlier post regarding reality television), that this is the whole intention of reality TV shows, to target on the specific emotion and stir it to your favour (or not).

There are many things to note when watching predictable shows such as Masterchef. By predictable, I mean if you've watched reality television long enough, you'd be able to identify certain "spoiler cues". Here are some hints in identifying next year's winner:

1. The person who usually makes a lot of mistakes during the pressure test, presentation is not so great but alas triumphs the judges' tasting test
2. The person who manages to cry on cue when asked why they should be in the competition
3. The person with their results announced second/last after a pressure test - you see this creates "suspense"
4. The person with a "story"throughout the show i.e Kate was weak at the beginning, only know desserts, blah blah blah

What I absolutely hate about shows like this:

1. Back to point one on the former list, the judges always tend to go for "taste" rather than presentation. Why? Because it's TV, they like to go against the popular choice in order to create controversy and debate. We, as viewers, can not know what the dish tastes like, for all we know, it might be the worst dish but because it's TV and that this challenger "must" win, they'll win either way.

2. The judges would always comment "oh this is perfect, oh this is amazing" rah rah rah and yet when it's scoring time, scores that person a lower score than what the comments reflects...i.e in tonight's finale, I'm pretty sure the judges, by their tone and commentary absolutely LOVED Michael's snowman over Kate's yet scores him an 8/10? Once again, it's to stir controversy.

3. How the judges would ALWAYS rave on about how "closely matched" the replicated dish is to the original dish and how they "nailed" the exact flavours. Really? This year, all amateurs have beaten professional chefs for the immunity pin, what is this saying about the future of Australia's cooking? That we have a bright future or we are doomed because our current chefs are being beaten by amateurs?

In order to save this show from the frustration bestowed upon its viewers, they'd need to invite a mediocre guest (me), a normal person with no food background (however should love food and eating) and be a guest judge every week to eliminate any planned biases.

In conclusion, the showdown between Michael and Kate is over with Kate triumphing over Michael with perfect 9/10 scores from all 4 judges.
The dish which was used in the last pressure test, somewhat resembles last year's famous Quay's snow egg, only this time it's from award-winning restaurant Noma, and instead of snow egg, it's a "snowman"....wonder what's installed for next year?

Noma's snowman

Quay's snow egg


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