Sunday, 21 August 2011

no ordinary love.

So, I know that there are about 10000000000 (x10000) other blog entries circulating around the world on the www dot about this fabulous woman, however, I need to share my undying love and respect for this wonderful female.

Her name is Miroslava Duma, Russian born IT girl, ex Harpers Bazaar editor, current freelance fashion writer and one of most stylish female to have ever graced the fashion scene from all around the world. 

What differentiates her from the other "IT" fashionistas is the fact that although a lot of her outfits appears to be extremely complicated and "put together", she carries them so...well, effortlessly.

When asked the question; "who's your style icon"? I usually don't have a single definite answer. I admire certain style or more so, "outfits" from different celebrities. Nonetheless, Miroslava, I practically drool all over my keyboard (gross, I know) every time I see a new pic of her!

Sigh...I can't even fathom the thought of just pulling off one of her amazing outfits, however, a girl can only dream...


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