Thursday, 16 June 2011

influencing you.

Exciting times ahead for me, however, there will also be plenty of sacrifices and life-changing decisions.

First change, I will be relocating closer to the city and whilst my poor mother is trying to figure out how on earth she is going to fit everything in the (possibly) smaller property, I on the other hand is day dreaming about my perfect future home....and wardrobe.

I like the space and chairs more than the actual layout of this wardrobe. Mine will be a lot more crammed and the I will ensure every inch of the room is exhausted.

Exquisite modern design of the bedroom, I love the fact that the bed appears low but still sitting on a platform.

Contradicting my love for modern interior design, I love Moroccan-inspired interior designs.
The dining room - I tend to lean towards the French/ Victorian renaissance classic design.

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