Thursday, 2 June 2011

Corporate dining - Subsolo

A lot of my colleagues at work often comment on the fact that I am working in the "wrong" industry/ profession and I should really be working in "fashion" and whatnot.

I am often reluctant to arrange plans on a weeknight/ work night as I work in a corporate environment, there are certain limitations to what is regarded as appropriate work attire.
I am rather fortunate to work in a young team where I can get away with what is regarded as "corporate pretty" -  pretty dress and blazer, safari pants with wedges and so on.

Retailers such as Cue, conventionally known for designing funky/stylish work attire are coming up with modern and playful designs allowing corporate dressing to be fun.

I personally love corporate environment where you are able to wear a beautiful fitted shirt (preferably Farage or Herringbone) as this allows me to have an excuse to do more shopping. For example:

Boyfriend: "did you buy something AGAIN?"
Me: "psschh no, it's for work"


Had a nice after work dinner with a close girl friend after work the other night at Subsolo Tapas Restaurant - amongst the many Spanish Tapas joints in Sydney, Subsolo is probably one of my personal favourite as it offers tasty tapas at an affordable price.

Below are some pictures from the dinner as well as some of my top designer picks of what I would wear to work (if money grew on trees) :)

Okay ignore the red face and awkward lean, result of one cocktail lol. Wearing: Dion Lee for Cue white bib shirt, sportsgirl bib necklace, Asos cropped pants, patent lace oxford brogues
Bruno Peiters
Julien McDonald
Marchesa - okay maybe not the shorts =P
3.1 Phillip Lim


  1. love the burberry and 'it's for work' excuse :P

  2. Great post...and great outfit. Also ove the Burberry, that minty-green colour is devine!

  3. haha unfortunately the excuse gets old when you receive packages in the mail on a daily basis :(

    thanks Sada xo



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