Sunday, 19 June 2011

Monkey Magic

Located on the bustling, busy Crown Street of Surry Hills lies Monkey Magic, a modern Asian fusion restaurant. Perhaps the name is derived from the popular Asian TV Series "Monkey Magic" due to the combination of "popular" Asian dishes from around the continent.

From the set menu I had last night $55 per person:
1. AMUSE BOUCHE  - no picture, it was the size of a typical sauce bowl and has a rather tangy/ spicy flavour, hard to digest as it was a tad too salty. I guess it's hard to add "Asian" flavours to something traditionally French.
2. EDAMAME - this should have been given as a complimentary dish rather than part of the set menu
3. CUTTLEFISH CAKE - presentation reminds me of a typical salt and pepper squid dish rather than "cuttle fish"? I think the chef is a little confused as it was clearly calamari I was eating and not cuttle fish.
4. SUSHI AND SASHIMI - Average, sushi train quality dishes
5. RICE PAPER ROLL - It's hard to replicate such a famous, well-loved Vietnamese dish - rice paper rolls should be authentic and traditional otherwise it's risky attempting to change the concept. 
6. Choice of main, I chose the slow-cooked pork belly - Average presentation and tasting. 

I guess overall the experience was okay, what the food lacked, the ambience of the lofty design and yummy cocktails made up for it. What I enjoyed most was some of the commentary in the drinks menu under each of the cocktails description - a lot of sarcasm and humour. 

Sass & Bide Black rats leggings, Dolce and Gabbana Miss Sicily Lambskin bag, Asos tan pumps, Fur Scarf


  1. i've been recently but opted to choose my own dishes. hope to post soon :-)

  2. I normally opt for choosing my own dishes too but this was for a birthday occasion. According to my sister who's been there a few times, she said it used to be really good but the last time she was there it wasn't as good?

    Can't wait to read your review on it, love your reviews, so comprehensive - I take short cuts =D


  4. The food looks delish in the photos, too bad it didn't quite live up! At least your outfit was super FAB!



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