Thursday, 1 September 2011


Potato on a stick!!! Literally chips with a twist ;)
heheheh Blue Bear! Yes peace sign and all, gotta act truly Asian to fit the brief
salt and pepper calamari and deep fried Asian food
Kebab sticks
Late night YUM CHA!!!!
More Kebab sticks + Fish/meat balls on skewers 

Crowded market

Typical Casual Friday after work, wearing; Mustard oversized knit, black leggings, River Island ankle boots, Burberry canvas bag, black scarf

Chinatown - Friday Night Market

Apart from the shopping and the yummy (not to mention extremely cheap) street food, the one aspect that most Asian expats surely miss about being in Asia is the idea of a night market/late night shopping!
Thankfully, Western countries such as Australia welcomes multiculturalism which in turn, positively embraces the cultural differences by accommodating means to allow people to feel "at home". A perfect example of this would be Chinatown.

Every Friday night (well, don't quote me on this), there's late night markets in Chinatown, Sydney. At the markets, you will find food options such as fish/meat balls on skewers, deep fried snacks and even late night YUM CHA! They cost about $3 each and some are extremely good. My favourite would have to be the fish balls soaked in chilli oil, I am salivating at the thought as I am typing this post!

If you haven't already done so, head to the Markets this Friday. It's the perfect family night, couples night or just a random fun night out!

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  1. I miss the night market! But definitely a bad idea to look at them at 1am in the morning!!! I want some salt & pepper calamari! LOL

    ps: i have the same oversized knit in coral/red!! <3



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