Sunday, 11 September 2011

For the Ladies.

Afternoon indulgence; the ladies :)
High Tea

So google (and common knowledge) tells me that High Tea (or Afternoon Tea as referred to by some), was traditionally considered to be a ladies' social occasion. Call me traditional, but I think this is the one tradition we should stick to.

Now, I wouldn't regard myself as a High Tea expert, however, I've been to one too many to be able to identify which is good, which is better and which is just plain, erm well, plain.

My top 3 high tea destinations in Sydney are:
  • Sir Stamford Circular Quay
  • Westin Hotel
  • Observatory Hotel
As above, since high tea is considered to be a ladies' (of leisure) social event, on the occasion of my sister's hens, we (the Bridesmaids) organised a lovely high tea session for 17 ladies at Sir Stamford Hotel, Circular Quay!

As I generally prefer savoury over sweet, I tend to judge my High Tea experience by the finger sandwiches. On all occasions I've had high tea at Sir Stamford, I've never been once disappointed. The sandwiches are freshly made and are always full of flavours. What's also good about high tea at Sir Stamford is the constant change in menu allowing guests to experience something different every time they come back for more. I recall my first experience, the eggplant sandwich was divine!

Last week was no different, after a few (5) of those shaved ham sandwiches, I kept wanting more despite how full I was getting!

  • Sandwich 1; Poached egg, chive & bittercres
  • Sandwich 2; Roasted chicken, mayonnaise & rocquette on whole meal
  • Sandwich 3; Shaved leg ham with seeded dijon mustard
  • Sandwich 4; Smoked Atlantic Salmon with 

Moreover, notwithstanding the fact that I prefer savoury over sweet, the scones at Sir Stamford continues to win as the clear favourite. From countless anecdotes from friends and family who've been to Sir Stamford for High Tea, the scones always seem to rate extremely high with them. I guess it's due to the fact that it feels buttery soft and baked fresh, coupled with the sweet jam and double cream, it's a damn party in my mouth!!!

This is probably also the reason why Sir Stamford is more highly regarded than the others. Yes, the amazing scones!!!

The sweets;
  • New seasons mango and yoghurt demitasse with mint and caramel shards (in the small cups with the fire looking thing sticking out) - I enjoyed this one!
  • Black forest mini cup with chocolate mousse and cherries
  • Glazed strawberry tarlet with mascapone creme patisserie
  • White chocolate cupcake with ganache and dried raspberry
  • Pecan, pistachio and butterscotch cannoli
 All in all, always a great high tea experience at the Sir Stamford. Be sure to check it out if you're in Sydney and/or planning on visiting Sydney!

This is my sister (the Bride-to-be) at Sir Stamford for her hens last weekend. What she wore for her "black & gold" hen's theme; a custom-made off the shoulder gold/white dress with a black fascinator!


  1. The Ministry of Home Economics completely agree with you on the super standard of the Afternoon High Tea's at the Sir Stamford. So much so that we have linked your detailed description to our blog.

    In fact we may just be able to help you on your future adventures as we mix fashion AND culinary experiences in one hit! Take a moment to peruse our blog and we would love to see you on Sunday 9th October for our very first workshop.

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out and for the lovely comments :)

    I have just checked out your blog and followed you!

    The workshop on the 9th sounds great, I will double check my schedule and RSVP by late this week- should be okay to go :)



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