Tuesday, 20 September 2011

the wedding diary.

Diary? Okay, not quite. However, considering the amount of weddings and engagements I have coming up within the next few months, I have to start thinking of what to wear!

I'm borderline OCD (self-proclaimed of course), therefore I like processes and orders in place in everything that I do, including outfits. This is rather contradictory as I have a tendency for liking the "messy-cool-just-thrown-on-celebrity-on-their-day-off-caught-by-the-paparazzi" look!!! Thus, when I say I'm OCD about outfits, it simply means that I have a few rules set in place:
  1. Don't wear the same dress in photos twice, at least within 12 months. 
  2. Don't wear any statement tops/outfits twice in photos, at least within 12 months
  3. Able to repeat some pieces of clothing whilst on holidays
  4. It's okay to repeat jackets, bottoms, some basics in photos! However, don't overdo it because there are crazy people out there (me) who will remember everything you've worn in photos - annoying, I know!
  5. Dress by location. This rule helps explain the piles of unworn, brand-new-with-tag clothing I have in my wardrobe/s. I sometimes have the mentality of "saving" outfits for certain events/occasions etc and as I continue to buy new things, these "saved" outfits are long forgotten...
Anyway, I have prepared two outfits which I would wear (once, again, if I have ****loads of money) to a wedding. One is for the daytime ceremony, a little more sophisticated and mature. The other, a more edgy yet flirty look for the evening reception.

Enjoy! Real wedding photos from my sister's wedding to come...soon...

Daytime; Ellie Saab shift dress, Chanel bag, Louis Vuitton Shoes, Chanel vintage statement necklace and Mawi Cygnet cocktail ring.

Evening outfit; Alaia velvet dress, Halston bootie, Tiffany and Co. bone cuff, Alexander McQueen clutch and Pamela Love spike ring

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