Sunday, 7 October 2012

one fine day.

Would you drive over an hour just for lunch? 

I would. I live for that moment. 

I live for the amazing taste of what could possibly be, the greatest banana smoothie ever.

Get yourself to the Boathouse Restaurant in Palm beach this Summer. 
At the Boathouse, you can enjoy a nice lunch overlooking the water.

Boathouse Palm Beach
Governor Phillip Park, Palm Beach, NSW Australia
02 9974 3868

1. Weather permitting only - I would not drive over an hour in pouring rain
2. Best banana smoothie ever - best I've ever tasted, so that statement is limited to Australia (mainly Sydney) and the cities I've visited around the world
3. Overlooking the water - that is, IF you're able to find a table outside =P

Wearing; Ruby Rose for Milk & Honey denim overalls, vintage thrifted print shirt, Jeffrey Campbell cut-out boots, various silver bangles from HK, cat-eye sunnies from Asos.


  1. Great shots! Love running into another Sydney blog! Just followed ya hun!

    <3 Anna Vu

    1. hey babe,

      Thank you! I've just followed you back on Instagram and will be following your blog :)
      A fellow Sydney blogger and Vietnamese as well ;)

      I started the blog last year but never seem to find the spare time to post so I'm "trying" to dedicate more time and effort towards it these days. Sigh



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