Sunday, 28 October 2012


If you've been paying attention, you will notice that I have a new blog banner.

This has been in the works for quite some time. 

At one stage or another: I was contemplating whether I should pay a professional, futilely attempt to create one myself or even ask a few talented friends for their assistance!

How sluggish of me to not even consider asking the person right in front of me!

Meet the boy. This is the face behind all my photos (he prefers landscapes and street photography and absolutely hates taking photos for me ha ha ha).

The final product is everything I wanted and more! Every little detail in this creation epitomises who I am and what I hope to achieve with this blog. 

Every component of this picture signifies something vital:
1. Asian girl - I used to have straight bangs, this is was my signature look! 
2. Insatiable appetite
3. Shopping addiction
4. Chanel Classic Jumbo - a 25th birthday gift from the boy himself
5. Lady in red
6. My trusty canon s100
7. Even down to the Tiffany&co bracelet! - Talk about an eye for detail!!!

I cannot express, no matter how many times, how lucky I am! Thank you x


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  2. Oh cute banner! Looks like a lot of effort! Haha Cindy dont worry my boy is like that too, always landscapes and street and hardly any of me ;) Yes despite the little things you are very lucky and he is even luckier! :) xx jess vo

    (oops i was in the wrong account in previous comment! lol)

    1. Hehe thanks JESS!!! How have you been? I haven't seen you in forever! But then again, I was hibernating for 2 months post surgery :(

      Hope to see you soon! Where? Haha



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