Tuesday, 27 December 2011

joyeux Noël

A few snapshots from the Christmas weekend - eve and day.

The feast was held at my sister's pad and the menu included (as pictured above):
  • 2.5kg of prawns - all nicely peeled by yours truly
  • Turkey, ham and prosciutto platter
  • Scallops wrapped in a layer of prosciutto and glazed by ginger + shallots soy sauce
  • My sticky date and banana pudding
Please note, not the entire menu is pictured above as they were your typical salad, chicken, skewers etc - not as interesting. 

I guess the highlight for me was that the sticky date and banana pudding turned out "visually" better than I expected considering I had to improvise by using a normal eating bowl for the shape outline! The taste? Well, let's just say everyone had a clean plate =p

Normally I'd wear an old red dress on Christmas day and just throw on a really casual outfit since we're usually indoors in the comfort of family. This year, we went to mass on Christmas eve so wore something a little better  but not too dressed up.

Merry Christmas readers xo

Christmas Eve Wearing; Zara orange shirt, Zara white shorts, tan brogues and tan tote both from a Korean store ,Asos cuff and pop up shop necklace.
Christmas Day Wearing; green sportsgirl singlet, yellow satchel bag, Mimco bow necklace, random chain-store skirt bought just for Christmas day, Asos sandals

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