Monday, 7 November 2011

turning of age.

Every year, like every little girl (tee hee), I create a birthday "wish list". The operative word here being "wish" as I've learnt to be less impulsive and careless with my money (credit card) and be more responsible. I must learn to maintain things and allow things to last longer than 12 months (I don't take good care of my things). Cameras, phones, electronics - especially.

Every other year prior to my 25th birthday last year, the one thing on the list that remained the same - the Chanel Jumbo in black caviar with gold hardware. Now I can finally exclude that from my "wish list".

This year's wish list:

still pining over the Louboutin Pigalle.

Timeless T&C bone cuff

Vintage Chanel bracelet
Lanvin statement necklace - love!
Ipad2 in red!

spanking new pocketable SLR-esque s100!!!

Thanks to my boyfriend and besties - two things are for certain ;)

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