Thursday, 27 October 2011

and the winner is....

Rewind; remember this post: Australia's Next Top Model  


Well, last night, LIVE at the picturesque Sydney Opera House in front of thousands of fans (and some celebrities, can't recall seeing anyone worth mentioning) was the Australia's Next Top Model Final Results show!!!

My emotions were running wild, I couldn't contain my excitement and enthusiasm because once again, the judges got it right, the final 3 girls were all very deserving.

L-R: Montana, Liz and Simone
Montana : The winner and my favourite from the very start! She has this natural grace about her, facial features are all in the right places with the right dimensions, great figure/shape and more importantly, a clean canvas- perfect for any artist (or designer) to work on. I personally believe she has what it takes to be a successful international model. So, move over Miranda Kerr and Samantha Harris because this is the girl to beat.

just like a pro

Liz : The epitome of classic beauty. The modern "Helen of Troy". She resonates the late Elizabeth Taylor, whom was the most beautiful woman on screen. Well, no wonder! I can't take my eyes off her.
In saying that, Liz is *too* beautiful to be an international model. Her face is immaculate and I cannot see her walk down the runway channeling Balenciaga or Balmain. Can someone please give her a movie career?

Simone : Probably one of the most entertaining contestant considering she is the only person who've voiced opinions about all the girls aka b****. That, and the blonde moments of course.
It's true, Simone is the girl next door and I see her more as a Victoria Secret's model than a high fashion model. In saying that, I thought Miranda Kerr was girl next door material and look where she is now? There's still a chance Simone ;)

The Final Show : Last year, I had the opportunity to attend the LIVE show at Lunar Park, it was amazing! There were goodie bags, live entertainment, interviews with the final 3, spoke to the parents of the final 3, asked judges to pick their favourite etc etc etc

This year, none of the above occurred. No interviews with the girls and their parents, judges didn't get to pick a favourite and I heard from my sister, there were NO goodie bags tsk tsk!!!

However, I think the most notable moment would've been the actual announcement of the winner where Sarah Murdoch composed herself well and did not repeat last year's blunder ;)

Without further adieu, here are some of my favourite shots from the season! I cannot wait until the next cycle because I believe there are still many hidden talents yet to be discovered...

***All pictures are courtesy of Australia's Next Top Model and Fox 8***

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