Monday, 14 November 2011

sunshine and lollipops.

Okay, so I've referenced my birthday in a few of my previous posts: All Aboard

Finally, last Saturday, on a glorious sunny day, I had my birthday boat trip with some of my favourite people.

Here, are a few snapshots from the day - the highlight was obviously the amazing cake created by Thu McKay from Cakes 2 Cupcakes!!! I was curious one day and upon my curiosity (stalking) on facebook, I came across a fan page for Cakes 2 Cupcakes. Now, as mentioned in all previous posts, I am dead set a savoury lover, nonetheless, I was intrigued by the amazing cupcakes creations. I've seen friends and others post photos of baking adventures and whatnot, however, I've never seen such a creative AND innovative take on cupcakes before! I sent Thu a picture of some red wedges and asked her whether it'll be possible to have these instead of the heels she'd normally create as they are "more me" and voila, she delivered the goods :)

I'd highly recommend anyone who is thinking of ordering a cake for their next big event (engagement, birthdays, christening, weddings etc) to contact Cakes 2 Cupcakes or at least check out her fan page on facebook! She is not only creative, she craves challenges so will cater to any personal requests!!!

a giant strawberry cupcake surrounded by  yummy red velvet mini cupcakes
The personalised red wedges!!!

each mini cupcakes featured either a Chanel bag, a dress or shoes...all very me ;)

with some beautiful friends on a beautiful day out in Sydney x
we had BBQ onboard and all!
wearing; Asos orange kimono/cape/kaftan thing with Mink Pink black slip worn as a dress, gold chains, Adidas watch and Marais USA Gladiator from Solestruck
with my special man, thanks for everything!!! x
ps- This is only part 1...I celebrate throughout November ;) Check out next post for part 2 xo


  1. nice photos.
    those cupcakes look amazingly yummy and adorable. :) happy belated bday

  2. wow! they did a fabulous job on the cakes!
    happy belated birthday! looks like you had fun!



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