Monday, 20 February 2012


Stepped out to dinner in this outfit.

I used to always say - "if you wear cheap clothes, you gotta dress it up with expensive accessories".

Let's face it, good designer accessories can easily cost $300+ a pop! With the increasing influx of chain stores imitating trends and selling for a fraction of the price - is it really worth spending $1,000+ on a Herve Leger dress or would you prefer spending a measly $190 on a bodycon dress in Kookai identical to a Herve? Anyway, my personal answer would be "no" because it's always best to have the real deal, especially something that is "signature".

Nonetheless, in order to avoid the "cheap chain store look", dress it up with expensive accessories - bag, shoes, ring, necklace, bracelets, earrings....anything!

Also, if you're planning to be more "frugal", don't wear what everyone else is wearing - try to find that bargain piece that's different from the rest and/or from a secluded boutique and not a chain store.

Wearing; Bardot off the shoulder top, Maxi skirt (with split), wedges and orange clutch are all from an online Korean store, gold cuff, 2 x Disney Couture bracelets, vintage belt and Asos ring.

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